July 30, 2007

Stellar Summer Weekends

This weekend I worked at the Shakes Friday and Saturday. Always fun there. Got a little stilly with some actors at the bar on Friday... ended up taking random ass 'sexy' (fully clothed:) pictures and kissing a gay man:)
Saturday at the Pier again, sushi on the lawn in the shade. Bowling at Fireside for Mike's birthday. To some Mexican restaurant at something like 2am. Food. There was this boy at the bar and he just kept smiling at me everytime I walked by but, he wouldn't say anything. Finally, we were going to leave and so I walked up to the bar, with the purpose of asking for a bolsa (what's that Jesse?) and this guy who had been looking at me had The Onion in his hand, so I snuck it out of his hand and started reading it... well I didn't read any of it obviously. So we start talking at the bar and everyone is leaving (Erin and Nathan went dancing. Brenda, Matt, Casey and Rachel (who visited!) went home). Steve (this guy) and I go sit on a bench in Logan Square and end up talking for about an hour. Then we go to his house and sit on his third floor balcony and drink a bottle of wine and watch the sun come up. So that was pretty awesome. We slept. He took me to breakfast the next day and then we had a nap. Who knows if this guy is ever going to call me. Who knows. Regardless, it was a pretty wonderful spontaneous 12 hour date, at least 6 hours of which were spent sleeping. One hour was spent lying on the couch listening to the Postal Service.

No time for video games of movies this weekend. I still haven't seen fucking Ratatoille:(