July 24, 2007


Holy Fucking Christ! Chicago Shakes just asked me to do Cymbeline! That means about 3 months solid work in a theatre. In fucking Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

I am freaking out.

whew... ok.... bit calmer now.

I will be doing wardrobe for the run of the show

Want to take a virtual tour??

July 23, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Well I didn't get to start reading until Sunday Morning at about 12:30am, as this is when I finally got home from work. It took me (no exagerations) 2 HOURS! to get from Navy Pier to my house. This should have taken me about 45 minutes. I waited for a bus for 40 minutes and then the bus was packed and 2 tiny kids squished into the seat next to me and then one of them fell asleep on me (I didn't mind this, of course). There was a lady in front of us with this crazy topiary bush thing that was wacking people in the face! Some guy kept pulling the cord for the bus to stop and for some reason the bell sound kept happening (usually it will only sound the bell once and everyone who pulls on the cord after that will not hear a sound) anyway that shit kept dinging and dinging. AHH! Anyway...

Finally got home and read for about 3ish hours and then fell alseep on the couch:) I wanted to read this one slower. I wanted to let it sink in. Usually I finish them in about 6 hours of so and, it's usually the same evening/morning I have gotten the book.


It ends happily. I should be happy.... but I am not. I think this may sound a little silly but, I feel sad. I have been reading these books for about 7 years now. How exciting it was to be apart of this global phenomenon. How amazing that people were this excited about books! Everytime a new one was coming out, I looked forward to the excitment of the midnight party. It was awesome to see grandma's and 9 year olds talking about the same characters and with equal passion! It's over now, and I will miss waiting for it to be over. Does that make sense? I'm sad there isn't anything left for me to find out.