June 29, 2007


Happiness: ****
Sometimes I find it hard to grade movies like this. Like The Squid and The Whale. I mean, granted, they are very different but, they are both sort of artsy movies that show us a glimpse into the fucked up lives of other people. There is lots of come in this movie. I was a little shocked. And grossed out. But that scene on the couch with Dylan Baker and his kid, where he answers all the questions. Fucking wow. He blew my mind. Totally solid performance by everyone in the film but, that scene was so raw and emotional. (are you (Charlie, Jesse, and Rhys)going to make really bad jokes about that last sentence? )

anywho I want to see Ratatouille in the worst way. Pixar+Brad Bird=Goddamnfantasticnessously happy Jess but, I have to figure out how to pay the rent before I can go galumphing off to the movies.

Next up from Netflix: The Last Kiss. Weeds Season 2 is living at the Top of my Q until it releases!

Ps2 News:
Finished Playing: Indigo Prophesy (6 hours) This was my first none racing/Guitar Hero Game to beat since Donkey Kong Country 3.
Now Playing: Psychonauts and I am totally in love!