June 18, 2007


JuneBug: ****
This was a wonderfully delicate movie. I don't know that any movie has captured the feeling of 'southerness' quite like this. Tiny towns where everyone goes to church and kids drop out of school to get married and the land is still soaked with the blood from wars of hundreds of years ago. Where things are slower and quieter. It's one of those movies where 'nothing happens'. I was blown away by the fullness of the characters. By how much these people told me about themselves by their gestures. By the things they didn't say. See it.

Knocked Up: *****
Look, I am a 15 year old boy. I mean... I have the mentalilty of a 15 year old boy. Video games, green, metal... come on. Mr. Apatow manages to appeal to both the 15 year old boy in me and the 25 year old girl. This movie was gross and funny and stupid and awesome and full of heart. I didn't feel the length at all...and coming in over 2 hours for a 'romantic comedy' is usually not a good thing. He is the only person I would let convince me that this much time could be devoted to something falling into this genre and, that is mostly because he doesn't make 'romantic comedies' as we know them. Or he sees the change in youth (by youth I mean us 20 somethings with no direction) and reflects it back at us.

Pirates 3: ****
I was really confused for most of this movie. No idea who was back-stabbing who. I hadn't seen the 2nd one since it was in theatres. I would have appriciated a 2 minute recap of some kind. After about 10 minutes of the movie, 10 minutes where I sat trying to figure out what the fuck was goin on, I remembered that it was Pirates 3 and that I should just turn my brain off and enjoy. This worked well. Totally enjoyable. I was sad that Calypso just 'became the storm'. I didn't really feel like her 'presence' as a part of the battle was as strong as it could have been. I don't know how they could have helped this matter. Luckily we didn't see her face in the shape of clouds .... unless it was done better than faces/smiles/eyes are normally portrayed. I am really gald I stayed through the credits. What if you didn't? I mean... the whole series is wrapped up in those 2 minutes. So many people left without seeing 'the end'. Was that smart of Disney? I guess people should have known by now that there would be something after the credits...

Ocean's 13: I may have said 3 before but I think I am gonna go with **
Total let down. No suprise. No fun. Not interesting. Totally bored. It wasn't bad per say... It might have been better had it been....

The Marine: ***
No one freak out. 3 stars is a lot for a movie made by the WWF, right. This movie was fucking rickdezilus. HUGE explosions, car chases, awful acting, chessy love story, bad dialogue, stupid bad guys, lame jokes, and a happy ending. B movie beauty. Get all messed up and gather the boys and laugh and cheer.

I'm still all....