April 26, 2007

silly Jess....

Funny Video of Jess all stoned. I believe this would be in August 2005 Also in this video are: My mother, My brother Tim and his Girlfriend Dolly, and my brother Jason is taking the video. I'm the one who can't stop laughing....

April 25, 2007

House of Blues (which means more to me than it may at first glance)

Well... atleast for about 5 minutes, I am going to rejoice. I have just purchased Unearth tickets. Just under a year ago, Ian sat me down to watch the RoadRunner United's documentary on their metal groups getting together in many different ways (drummer from one band, bass from another) to make an album. This was my first introduction to metal. It was all noise. It was nothing to me. After watching the doc we listened to select songs from the album and for the first time I could kind of hear the skill. Almost. At least, I was appreciating it more because I had SEEN what these people were doing with their hands and fingers and was impressed. A couple of weeks later we watched Sam Dunn's doc, Metal: A Headbanger's Journey. This was even more interesting because it broke metal down into sub-genres, talked about history, violence, death, and sound. I still couldn't hear the music, or atleast, I couldn't hear it over the screaming. I remember understanding that the vocal should be like another instrument. I remember thinking that I was supposed to hear it as a whole, but I couldn't. I asked Ian for a little metal on my ipod. Just a little... and I got Unearth's then new album III: In the Eyes of Fire. The last track on the album is an instrumental. Now here was something I could get behind! It was like balls to the wall, orgasm-inducing, fucking-turned all the way up loud - BADDASS! I blared that shit. All over town, baby. About the 7th time I listened to it I was stopped at a stop light, and a truck was stopped next to me. I had this shit up fucking loud and the guy in the truck leans over and screams, "That sounds Fucking AMAZING!" "Fuck, yeah, it does," I said. Fuck Yeah. Here was the moment that I finally felt like I heard it. It was like an epiphany. I went back and listened to the whole album, and slowly I started listening to other things: Lamb of God, Trivium, Chimera....fast forward to now and I am reading text books about the history of Death Metal and Grindcore...listening to Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy and dozens of others. I spend time talking about the influence of Swedish Melodic Death Metal on the New Wave of American Metal. I geek out over horrendous album covers. I feel like I AM Metal. Like it's in me. It's like I discovered a part of myself I didn't even know! At 24! This, of course, I owe to Ian, to marijuana, and especially to Unearth. Concert is next Wednesday....--

April 23, 2007



Hot Fuzz: **** (that's 4 out of 5)
Did you like Shaun of the Dead? I did and, I therefore like this movie. Fucking hilarious use of the cop-movie stereotype (they talk about cool things to say after killing people:). Great action-editing. Basically everything you think is funny about cop movies/action movies/buddy movies, is in this one. It was a little long. I like my comedy right at about 1hr 45 and I feel like this was a solid 2 hour movie... I think it could have come in about 30 minutes shorter without losing anything funny... there is some preliminary beginning shit that might have been able to get cut... anyway... people do eventually get shot/impaled/blown up: quite graphically. If you think brits are funny, like action/comedies, or enjoyed Shaun, then smoke a bowl and see this shit. (I guess the bowl is optional...)