March 28, 2007

Hustle....and Flow.

Hey kids.
Gosh, everything just got all good ways and in some bad ways as well. Let's start with Bloc Party! Casey and I went to the Congress on Friday to see them play a show. Pretty good. I gave it a 3 out of 5. They weren't the best live show ever, but it was awesome to hear This Modern Love in person and to dance to it with about a zillion 17 year old hipsters.

I went to a party with Emin this week where I got to talk about monogamy with some long-time gay couples. You are all probably wondering why I keep talking about monogamy, nonmongamy, polyamory, and the like.... and it has just really been on my mind lately. I didn't realize that there was a way that I could be who I was, sexually, and not end up cheating. I didn't realize that because you are in an 'open' relationship, you don't have to go out and have random sex....I know it sounds silly but, it didn't occur to me... David and I tried being in an open relationship for about, like 2 months, I guess, and I remember feeling like, 'well I better get to it, now that I am allowed to!' Really, 2 weeks ago, I realized that that was about the wrongest way I could look at things. I have never been successfully monogamous. Never. I mean completly. All that kissing people in college.... lots of people think that was cheating. I think it was kissing, since no emotion was envolved.... it was just kissing.... .... and why can't I want to be with 2 people at the same time! Why do I always have to choose?! It just seems so silly.....

anyway... I could ramble about that shit for days (poor Casey and Brenda must be SOOOO sick of me talking of nothing but nonmonogamy!) ....

There was some sad news in the world of Jess' Dating.... but I was honest with someone about something and I am proud of myself for this.

I got up at 3am on monday morning to be at Navy Pier at 5am, to go to Wisconsin, do a show for Chicago Shakes, and to return home (FINALLY) at 9pm. I was tired, to say the least. I am also really allergic to Wisconsin.... I spent all day yesterday feeling awful...and I don't feel much better now. Why is it that all I want when I am sick is just someone else to make me feel better? I am sure that this is what most people want.... it's just a funny time to want someone around... but I guess at times like those, we want to feel like people love us and want to take care of us despite the fact that we may be covered in snot and gross....I just wanted someone to make me tea and pet my head.... I am feeling better today, which is good... and I brought a box of tea and a bag of cough drops to work, so I'm set:)

I'm feeling all snuggley today.... and LOST is on tonight.... although I think I just ran out of the green stuff.... should still be good:)

The Host: *** (out of 5)
The Host is a crazy korean monster movie. Right now, you should know if this is for you. I just said, "crazy-Korean-Monster movie". Either you are in for it, or you aren't. Good monster.... good death... good explosions... good suspense... AMAZING score.

I also saw this again...

Hustle and Flow: *****
If you haven't seen this and you need a recommendation.... here it is. This is brillant and hip-hop and honest and about Man, Dreams, Truth, and Fucking-Doin'-It!