February 15, 2007


After tomorrow the posts from me will be much more sporadic due to the not-having a computer at home issue...

Let's do reviews:)

Hannibal Rising: ***
I debated this score quite a bit. I wasn't really sure how this movie was going to catch me, after having suffered the torment of Red Dragon I wasn't sure that this was even worth it. It seems that sequels and prequels... well once they make a bad one, all the rest seem to follow suit but, luckily for me, this one did not. The pacing was very well done. The lighting, especially on the boat, was interesting but not distracting and the metamorphosis of Hannibal from a boy into a monster was tackled well. I didn't feel like they were shoving this movie down my throat and I didn't feel like they were making any excuses for Hannibal's behavior. If my childhood were to suddenly unravel in front of my eyes while some soldiers decided whether or not to eat me or my sister...well let's just say, that shit is fucked up. I would recommed this to anyone who like Silence of the Lambs. The gore is not melodramatic or overused. I was surprised when they didn't show the death of the young sister but, happy because it was a more striking way to deal with her death. Sometimes not showing everything is better, right? I think so.

Bloc Party - Weekend in the City: ***1/2
Overall this is a good album. It didn't have the instantaneous *BlAM* that I thought the first album had. The Prayer is a great track, starting off with some chanting and ending with some balls to the wall rockin' like the Bloc Party we know and love. I sadly did not get a cd with bonus tracks included but, if you can find one, I would check out song 12. I hear it's great... and I have reliable sources...

Lily Allen - Alright, Still: ****
This brit-pop girl is awesome! If you like pop at all, you should give it a listen. My favorite track is Everything's Just Wonderful. Make sure you get the explicit!

Wa-Deh-Ta, My Brothers, Wa-Deh-Ta.

Guess who's going to see Bloc Party in March, baby. Oh yeah... it's me (all hail Ian for telling me!)

February 14, 2007

Hell yes!

Somebody buy me this!

Video Game Nerds are Me!

I was totally set to have a day where all I thought about was trying not to think about Valentine's day BUT, fuck it, I have something way cooler to think about. I am a geek. It's true... and I listen to some video game podcasts! I listen to almost everything 1up.com puts out in the way of radio and a couple of days ago I posed a question to GFW and they answered it on their podcast, dated 2/13/2007! HOLY CRAP! I don't know if anyone else can understand that I don't care how nerdy this shit sounds, it is so awesome! I have been bouncing and smiling all morning and I expect I will be all evening... what with Lost to look forward to as well. So, Happy Stupid-FuckedUp-Bullshit Hallmark Holliday everyone!

I just need a second to scream..... 'cause I am totally stoked about this!