February 9, 2007


Barack Obama's campaign headquarters are 2 feet from Casey's Office building! WOHHHOOOOOO!


I have never been a 'dater'. I have never 'dated' people. I hang out with someone for some time, eventually we are together. I don't know how to go on a date (not that there is anyone asking). Well, I just realized that since no one is asking me, I don't really have to worry about it.

Today I entered a company into my work database called Nadler. Hahahehe. Nads are funny.

February 8, 2007



I love Lost.

I got bored and did this again

February 5, 2007

nothing comes to mind....

The Queen: ***1/2
This movie was an excellent portrayl of what The Queen of England went through immediatly following the death of Princess Dianna. It is remarkably fair-minded; showing no bias towards either the people's point of view nor the Queen's. I am not sure there is more for me to say on the subject...Helen Mirren was amazing. Wonderful to watch.

I know that isn't much of a review but I am not sure that I am really in the mood right now. Bears lost. It was a cool day, though. Erin, Brenda, Casey and I watched the game together. It was my first Super Bowl with no men. I totally dug it.

But we still lost and I guess I am just feelin' a little blue.


That line is supposed to signify a new train of thought...

I am lonely, here in Chicago.