February 2, 2007

Suspicious packages turn up in Chicago, Kansas City | Chicago Tribune

Suspicious packages turn up in Chicago, Kansas City | Chicago Tribune

This is my building. They gave us the option of leaving early while they were examining the package. I did.

What about The Cartoon Network, huh? huh? That's some funny shit, right? It is funny that I walk around laughing at the world for getting so upset about this Marketing/Mooninites-people-thought-they-were-bombs... only to be evacuated from my building because an acctual explosive device has been found. An Unusual Day.

January 30, 2007

At a loss

I am going to talk about Little Children and I am going to talk about the movie as frankly as I can which will involve mostly nothing but spoilers. Please do not keep reading if you want the movie to remain a surprise:

Little Children: ????

I have no idea how many stars to give this movie. It is the first time I have not been able to star something. I cannot figure out how I feel. Maybe it's 2 stars, maybe 3, maybe none? I think...but I am not quite sure. I know there are critics (and civilians as well) out there who are much smarter than I am. They have been doing this longer. They have seen and remember more. But I don't care about them.

This is a movie about: affairs, children, pedafilia, marriage, loss, football, and recovery. Kate Winslet is a one-time-ago anthropologist who is not really working after the birth of her first child. She does not fit in with the 'suburban' mothers in her local park and meets Patrick Wilson who plays Brad. They end up hanging out all the time. Their kids become friends. They have hot sex almost every weekday.
Then there is a pedafile, recently let out of jail, named Ronnie who has moved back in with his mother. He is still ALMOST mentally a child himself. I think. I think this is what I am supposed to understand. He has a disease (this is the movie's and Ronnie's definition of what is wrong with him) and he can not control his actions. His mother sets him up on a blind date and he makes her drive to a playground so he can masturbate to the empty swings?! There is also an ex-cop who is tormenting Ronnie and his mother by spray painting his sidewalk, posting fliers on doors with Ronnie's picture, and driving by and honking his horn.
I am exhausted explaining already. Here is the breakdown: I think there are metaphors in this movie. I think they are there. But what do they mean? The seemingly amazing affair between Kate and Patrick ends in a semi-climactic incident suggesting that all Patrick's character wanted was to live a little dangerously, to try something new. To have the things which his wife (Jennifer Connely) denies him. Kate's character goes home because she is scared, and this tells us basically that she is afraid of everything and her reason for the affair was in essecence teaching herself to be unafraid. The pedafile, well, he cuts his dick off in a playground and ahhh, therefore he has made amends by removing his weapon in his battlefield of choice. He does this in order that he may 'Be a good boy'; his mother's last request of him before her death of heart failure or the like. The excop takes him to the hospital, allowing him to make up for all of the hurt and evil he has done.
So what? I am not sure. I am not sure why all of this should be compelling to me. I am not sure what it is that I am to understand except that people may not even understand their own motivations. Can this whole movie be telling us that we as humans, do not know what we want. We cannot be fully aware of what drives us, and only by following these (in all ways illicit) pathways and seeing what is out there, only then can we know why we wanted these things in the begining? Maybe this is what it wants me to know.

Maybe. Maybe?