January 12, 2007

Happy Almost Birthday to Me!

I turn 25 tomorrow. I would like hugs and kisses for my birthday (not the candy.. the real thing).

January 11, 2007

Happy Dance!

I have been waiting for something for a while now and today I will get it ! Use deductive reasoning...

here is a clue... I will use something I got for Christmas.

"Jess is" bored at work

I played that game where you type "Your Name is" into google and see what happens... here are some funny one:

Jess is a trend-setter for American Girls in several ways
Jess is trying to move in a new direction
Jess Is Dead Good
Jess is the rule engine for real programmers
Jess Is Torn Between Two Blokes
Jess is a competitive cyclist
Jess is licensed commercially and is being used in enterprise

Jess is available to serve as a guest on television and radio programs
Jess is not free for government use
Jess is a single piece of leather

And my Favorite

Jess is More

Other Future Tattoo

Here is the moon for my left shoulder ( It will be slightly more tilted than it appears here...

and Orion is going on the right...

January 10, 2007


Hey here is roughly my future Orion Tattoo... Is there anything you would change?

January 9, 2007

Screaming Loudly

It's My 25th Birthday on Saturday

Buy me something!

But I am screaming because I havenever wanted to beat the shit out of anything like I want to beat the copier at work. Holy Fucking Christ! I really think I could rip out all innards and tear off all the doors and kick the living hell out of it.

wooooo.... I am feeling a little tense cats and kittens...
Maybe you could send me This for my birthday instead...