July 2, 2007


Sicko: *****
So far this is my favorite Michael Moore film. It was funny! Super funny! God Bless Cuba! I wonder how I would feel about this movie if I weren't a fan of socialized medicine? I am. I have been for a long time. Ever since I heard about socialize medicine in Canada (probably 10th grade). Anyway, I didn't recieve very much information from this film that I wasn't already aware of but, people were gasping and cheering and booing in the theatre. I'm glad that other liberal chicagoans also.... oh shit......are other none liberal chicagoans going to 'like it' What about conservatives? I liked this movie but, I realize it's sort of propaganda, isn't it? What didn't Mr. Moore tell us? What is the truth? Is there even a truth anymore? OOOOHHHHH GOD! I have lost myself in this whirlwind of thought! Help Help! I've turned into a SOCIALIST!

The Last Kiss: **
Blah. Boy fucks underwear model only to go crawling back to his pregnant girlfriend. Spends a couple of days on the porch in the rain waiting for her to literally (and figuratively (how clever!) let him back in. Who cares? The side characters were more interesting. I wish the movie had been more about them. It sort of left me feeling like no relationship would ever work because people are inherently going to fuck each other over. I don't think that was what they wanted me to take from this movie but, it was such a fucking snore and everyone in it was pathetic and angry and cheating and so....... even if all these relationships get resolved, even if everyone lets someone 'in' in the end, it's only because none of us want to be alone. It made me think that there are no good relationships, there is only living with bad ones. Wow, do I sound pessimistic or what!


Krissy said...

No worries, Jess. The last kiss left me feeling hopeless, too. Everyone in the movie is so ridiculously fucked up.

Neastrith said...

I'm very excited to see Sicko, even more so after hearing that you liked it so much.

I think I know what I'm doing tomorrow...