July 5, 2007

Dawn of the Dead (the Remake)

Dawn of the Dead (2004): ****
I had seen this before but, some of us watched it last night. I love zombie movies. Seriously. This one is pretty great. The directors cut, or unrated version (whatever), gives you a bit more character and a bit more gore. The extra character stuff was nice. I like to get to know my assholes and bitches before they are ravaged/sawed/zombified/impaled... you get the picture. Reasons to see this zombie movie in particular: 1) pimped shuttle buses with chainsaw holes of slashing those pesky hanger-on zombies 2) Shear volume of zombies 3) Ving 4) No happy ending. Also if you enjoy subversive political statements. Ahhhh... politics and zombies... who would have ever thought someone would go there?

Other news:

I am so ridiculously in love with Psychonauts. Holy-Gosh-Wow! I have maybe 4 more levels (I'm in the Asylum, currently) and I just can't get enough!

I haven't been sleeping, or rather, I have been sleeping but, my dreams are full of tasks that I can't accomplish and I spend all night trying to get these dream-things done, only to wake in the more compelely exhausted. yuck.

My 4th was low-key, baby. Mostly Video games and naps and Harry Potter on cd (ohmyfuckingchristit'slike16daysaway!)

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