May 7, 2007


Spider-Man 3: *** (out of 5)

I know that no one is holding their breath for my review of this movie. The reviews for a movie like this don't matter. Did Spiderman make like 150 mil this weekend? Right, people are going regardless, which is good of them because if people were listening, this movie would definetly not have done so well. I love Spiderman. I mean, I think I am in love with the idea of comics because of Spiderman. This final chapter of the supposed trilogy was not the beautiful and cohesively woven tapestry or its predecesor. It was too much. With so many villians, I didn't feel like I could concentrate, or better yet, I didn't feel as if I was given something to concentrate on. Neither Venom nor the Sandman felt like full characters to me. I didn't feel like I learned something and I didn't feel like Peter learned something either. Venom is like, my all time favorite villian maybe ever. That face scares THE SHIT out of me. No joke. Serious nightmares.... but with only about 10 minutes of Venom in the whole fucking movie.... I just felt like I didn't even have time to be scared! Also: Not enough fighting and I feel as if the fighting wasn't as carefully shot; by that I mean that it wasn't slow enough. Show me a frame that looks like a pannel from a comic! Isn't that part of why Spiderman 2 works? (I said 'part' because we all know that movie is working on tons of levels) All the fighting was shot 'on the move' which isn't bad because we are supposed to be able to get lost in it and be excited and whatnot but, like I said, it was unfocused. I did love Hipster/Emo (Ian called him 'My Chemical Romance Peter') Peter Parker. That shit was hilarious. Bruce Campbell= always awesome. Believe it or not, I also liked (*struggling with the truth of this*) James Franco or Franko or whatever. When he wasn't being all 'Your friend The Bug' and was just being a nice guy with no real memory: well he was pretty fucking likeable! The Bottom line: This was good but not great. I hope it doesn't become the trend for what will definetly be the biggest summer movie season of all time.


Tammy said...

Yeah, we saw it Saturday. I'm not a real big comic fan so this was more for Randy although I did enjoy 1 and 2. We both liked it, but I don't know about loved it. I'd still recommend it. It kinda turned into a "chick flick" for me towards the end with

*spoiler alert*

Spidey and the Sandman making up? What the hell??? That kinda pissed me off, lol.

So did you see the preview for the Fantastic 4 part 2 movie? (why are they making another one? the first was sucked.)

What the hell happened to Jessica Alba? I am not digging her hair at all.

Jesse said...

Spider Man 3: Everyone's a Dick (And Wishes It Were a Musical)

Neastrith said...

Black Suit Peter snapping his fingers and strutting his stuff around town almost killed the movie for me.

Black Suit Peter's impromptu dance number in the Jazz club TOTALLY killed it for me.

I really liked the end of the movie, I liked the team-up and I liked the forgivness bit, but the musical numbers were just plain weird!