May 31, 2007

Mild Ramblings

Well guys... I haven't been to see a movie since Spiderman. Sorry... I will try to see both Pirates and Knocked up before next friday when I will see Ocean's 13 with Ian... or maybe Saturday.. Anyway, we will see it, I am sure. Oh yeah, Ian is coming to visit me NEXT WEEK! I am dancing for joy! I am leaping and folicing and w00t w00ting!

Been splitting the time between the Shakes and Temp agency. There is a vague distant hope that The Shakes will want me permanently... sometime in the future... I don't want to think about it and get too excited only to be crushed. Can't take it right now.

Still no word from Drew. Has this ever happened to any of you guys? You're seeing someone... for a little while... not long.... and then they just decide never to call you again? Because it FUCKING SUCKS. The man has Kavalier and Clay... ok..... I stole that book from David over 2 years ago! It went to Europe with me (actually with Jesse). I underlined in it. It has leaves in it from the Japanese garden oustside Vinarska and most importantly... it was David's book and he loved it soo much that he lent it to me for about a year.... and I didn't read it... and then Finally I did and I just fell in love. I want it back. I didn't do anything to this guy and he just decides to not speak to me. I don't give a shit about that. fuck him.... I just want my book! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

In other news: Moving Erin and Mike this week.... ohgodhelpus!


Tammy said...

That really sucks about your book. I don't understand people anymore.

Why are Erin and Mike moving and are they moving in together???

Lilyiris said...

no... not together... they just both needed to move.. and now Erin has to move again... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!