May 3, 2007

Jess' Metal Adventure

Part One: The Journey

I rushed home yesterday after a tedious and boring day at work. I probably scooted out a little earlier than I should have (about 10 minutes) but, thankfully, someone I hardly know covered for me. Big ups to Geri! Anyway I get home, strip, put on a black tank top, load my pockets with concert tickets, phone, and cigarettes, Smoke a BIG ol' bowl and head back out. Now, one of my absolute favorite things is to be stoned in during the rush hour commute. I don't ever get to do this because usually I am participating in the commute... but on rare occasion I have run home to smoke and then run back out again to do whatever in the city. Anyway, being stoned and not in a hurry allows me the ability to observe the Chicagoan in the 'Rush Zone'. This is the little place that people go in their heads on their way to or from work. Everyone is in their own world. It is as if we are all traveling with tiny bubbles around us. No one talks to each other, or looks at each other. People listen to their music and bobb their heads or tap their fingers and feet, people do the crossword, or read a book or look over work papers. Here we all are in this tiny tiny space, all smuched in together, and the only thing that everyone wants is to be home (At night anyway... mornings are obviously different but that is a post for another time...). Everyone wants to be home 10 minutes ago and so people get in their little zones until their stop arrives. Ususally, as I said earlier, I am also in this place. I put my tunes on, I pull out the crossword, and I fucking jam and fill in squares but, when I am stoned, and not in a hurry... I get to WATCH THIS! It is amazing to watch all these people shut out all the rest of the people! No one pays attention to ANYONE, which gives me the freedom to casually observe anyone I want to. I like to try and guess the kind of music people are listening to but the way they stand or sit or tap body parts.... I like to watch the person reading the good part of the book get all lost inside their reading and make funny faces of shock, or of saddness, or of glee at what they are reading. The wonder of it is, of course, increased by the drugs. I arrive at the venue happy, stoned, and a little nervous. I felt like Metal and I were about to 'do it' for the first time.

Part Two: The Concert

I got to the House of Blues and gave my ticket, got my braclet, and headed up the stairs. Devil Driver was playing. I am guessing they had just started because I ended up seeing about 45 minutes of their set. I hadn't listened to much but the crowd was diggin' it. I find a place just outside the pit where I can see really well and I watch. The music was.... well it was fast and fragile. I felt like it was in danger of falling apart at any minute or, at times, it was just 'metal by numbers' to quote a friend. They ended up playing some new stuff from a heretofor unreleased album and it was fucking raw. It was fucking dirty and hard and I liked it! During one of these songs a dude was crowd surfing and he was seemingly much more expierenced than anyone else had been thus far because he just threw both of his hands in the air, horns up, and proceeded to play air drums flawlessly along with the music for a good 20 seconds. He was the fucking man!

They finish and we stand around waiting... atleast I am waiting. I listen to the amazing number of metalheads around me discuss their favorite bands, sounds, whatever.... and finally Unearth comes on. Now.... this is my band. I don't give a fuck what you think. These are like, my boys, you know? (See earlier post) The crowd boos. And this is a metal crowd, right... so this is some fucking serious booing. Anyway they play some good shit, all shit that I really like... and then they take a break to talk to the crowd for a minute and (no fucking joke) People start Chanting "YOU'RE NOT METAL...YOU'RE NOT METAL...YOU'RE NOT METAL" so loud that I can't even hear what this guy is trying to say to people. I was floored. really. I guess it was this: the headliners are some serious Death Metal. Unearth is New American Metal (which comes straight from Swedish Melodic Death Metal) but they are NOT DEATH METAL. Not at all. Anyway fuck those people.... 'cause I rocked my fuckin' face off. Horns in the Air, Head-bouncing, air-guitaring, chest-drumming... I was fuckin' there to rock! After the set... I waited around for Dimmu to play but, not being a big fan of straight up death metal, and not knowing anything by these guys, I just couldn't hear it. It was noise. Death metal... well I think it just isn't for me. That's cool. Whatever. I left and was home in time for Lost.

Part Three: Wherein I Ramble About Some Shit

Well this was my first metal show and Ian was right. I don't know that I am going to be able to go see a non-metal show ever again. I don't really mean that but, it's just a way for me to say that this shit was fucking awesome. I didn't feel out of place, or scared, or silly. I felt home. Even if these muther-fuckers were not all about Unearth... and even though they were assholes, they were still metal. It was the first time I had seen so many other metal fans gathered together in person. The crowd was a sea of bald, goateed, tattooed, pierced dudes. It was like my own person porn movie! I swear to GOD! It was so fucking hot. I definetly feel more metal in the future baby... more live metal obviously. Overall, it was great. It would have been way more awesome had the crowd been into it with me. It would have been way more awesome if it hadn't cost me $70. It would have been awesome if I had found someone to sell/give my extra ticket to BUT, I did it. I did it by myself. I went to my first metal show ever.... and I went all by myself. What's more Metal than that, I ask you?

p.s. I just looked at my 'score' on my 1up page and had to screenshot that bitch...

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