April 23, 2007



Hot Fuzz: **** (that's 4 out of 5)
Did you like Shaun of the Dead? I did and, I therefore like this movie. Fucking hilarious use of the cop-movie stereotype (they talk about cool things to say after killing people:). Great action-editing. Basically everything you think is funny about cop movies/action movies/buddy movies, is in this one. It was a little long. I like my comedy right at about 1hr 45 and I feel like this was a solid 2 hour movie... I think it could have come in about 30 minutes shorter without losing anything funny... there is some preliminary beginning shit that might have been able to get cut... anyway... people do eventually get shot/impaled/blown up: quite graphically. If you think brits are funny, like action/comedies, or enjoyed Shaun, then smoke a bowl and see this shit. (I guess the bowl is optional...)

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