February 14, 2007

Video Game Nerds are Me!

I was totally set to have a day where all I thought about was trying not to think about Valentine's day BUT, fuck it, I have something way cooler to think about. I am a geek. It's true... and I listen to some video game podcasts! I listen to almost everything 1up.com puts out in the way of radio and a couple of days ago I posed a question to GFW and they answered it on their podcast, dated 2/13/2007! HOLY CRAP! I don't know if anyone else can understand that I don't care how nerdy this shit sounds, it is so awesome! I have been bouncing and smiling all morning and I expect I will be all evening... what with Lost to look forward to as well. So, Happy Stupid-FuckedUp-Bullshit Hallmark Holliday everyone!

I just need a second to scream..... 'cause I am totally stoked about this!

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