February 26, 2007

Tiniest update...

I only have a minute here, so let's make this a quick update:

I met this guy named Drew and we hung out this weekend. There was Sushi, wine, green, and metal! So, that is pretty much heaven for me... no complaints:)

I have been learning wardrobe cover for Chicago Shakespeare Theatre's Short Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew. Holy fuck. I am on a running crew for a play at fucking Chicago Shakes. Holy Fuck. I am here today thru thursday, covering for a girl name Kara and then I will go on tour with them for a couple of weeks in April. Not a big tour, a mostly local tour. Still. Chicago Shakespeare! OMG!

Oscar's... wohooo....

See these Movies or not:

Half Nelson:****
Smoking Aces:**

Can't wait to get into 5th season Sopranos! Thank you Ian!

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