January 4, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth (Revisited)


So we have established that I am in love with this film, right? There is a tattoo that the main character ( Ofelia ) has on her shoulder. I want it. I mean I want it right now. I searched all over the web yesterday (I am not kidding I spent some serious time) looking for a clear picture of it and couldn't find one. I did find the email address of someone who works for the studio and I sent them an email. I never thought, of course, that I would ever hear anything but these people actualy got back to me, and in a hurry too! They are sending me a book which has a picture of the tattoo in it.

Seriously, that is the coolest thing that has ever happened to me.

I wanted everyone I know to see this movie before the above incident but now I am telling you. GO SEE IT! IN DROVES! If you can find it you NEED to go. Senor Del Toro has made a beautiful film and this production company has really gone the extra mile for me (who is nothing but one fan)! This is dedication. F'ing see this movie. By the way this whole post is a link to the offical US (?) website. Click on any thing in this post to ceck it out.

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Tammy Parks said...

Jan 19th - Randy and I will go see it. I had never heard of it before you posted this - it looks great. That is very cool that they are sending you that book. I wrote a fan letter to Jeremy Irons when I was a teenager and didn't expect a thing to come of it, but a few months later I got a signed script from Lolita and a small note thanking me for being a fan - who knows if he signed it (probably not), but I got something for my efforts ya know?