January 25, 2007

I want to

These are things I want to do but polite society, taboo, and general unrest may occur because of them. I will therefore not do them. But I still want to...

Sing if I want to when I am listening to Music on the ipod. Anywhere I am.
Scream in el tunnels
scream in general, where ever I am, if I get frustrated enough
Punch things (desks, walls, punching bags)
Break Glass (probably not by hitting it with my body: much more along the lines of throwing bottles or dropping dishes)

Play air guitar in public when I have metal on the ipod
Dance around the room when I am bored
hug people I don't know if they look like they could use it
smoke cigarettes just to piss people off
PLan an elaborate prank on someone.
Give other people one of my ear buds if the music playing on my ipod is so good I want to share, or if I think the person looks like they would also enjoy what I am listening to...

I am sure there are more... but I am not sure what they are...

1 comment:

Datsun said...

I can't say how important the opinions of others are to you, but you can probably get away with the screaming thing maybe once or twice in a public place as long as you keep moving and don't do anything else out of the ordinary.

As for the punching, well... Just keep in mind that there are very few construction materials used these days that are less hard than the bones in your hand. Which is not to say "don't do it", but more that you may wind up experiencing things that you hadn't planned on at first.

But once you've done something, particularly something you've wanted to do, it can raise the possibility of other things you may have thought you couldn't do.