January 22, 2007


Well I watched all of the Bears/Saints game on Sunday and it was AWESOME! I can't believe I move to chicago and the Bears are going to the SuperBowl! WOHOOO! I watched the Colts/Patriots game from the Colts catch up; in other words, when the score went to 21-21. Casey watched too! GOOOOOOO BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw Letters from Iwo Jima this weekend and I just love how wonderfully slow and diliberate Eastwood is as a director. I forgot I was watching a movie about WWII and when the first bombs fell I was so shocked. It was gorgeously filmed, as I find most of his movies to be. I think it gets ***1/2.

last week was The Good German and I don't know if I talked about it... It was alright. It seemed to be a film that had many interesting elements but, in the end, not really a compeling story. It was neat that they shot it with the old cameras and the shadow-play was beautiful. Cate is always lovely to watch, as is Clooney but there was just some pizzaz or spark that was ultimately missing. If I rated it some other way before... this is what I think now: **1/2

Children of Men, which Jesse pointed out I hadn't talked about, was A-Fucking-Mazing! **** (4 stars) all the way! Beware of Spoilers:

How fucking unbelievable when the camera went total docu-drama style and there was blood on the lens and it was panning with Clive Owen and shit was blowing up and ....! GOD! I mean I really felt my heart racing. What a joy to be so overwhelmed! Great. This movie is great. Stellar performances from everyone but I would especially like to Big Up Julianne Moore who had been making some terrible movies of late. This is a step in the right direction for her, even though she was once again playing a women who lost a child?!? What happend to the days of Fucking stoners to have a child and flinging oneself at canvas? Clive Owen is one of my favorite working actors, and he was, as usual, unbelievably tangible. He was a way of breathing into characters so that I totally believe him.

Next week: Well we will see what the Oscars dig up but, with the nomms coming tomorrow, there are bound to be some re-releases. I would Like to see Little Children and The Queen and Casey really wants to see The Last King of Scottland, so that is a possiblity as well...

I recieved word that some people finally got to see Pan's Labyrinth! I will Champion that film til I die. If you get a chance.. go.
It's playing at the Bijou downtown Chattanooga and at Opry Mills and the Bellcourt in Nashville. Lots of places in Chicago (but most of you aren't here:( ) SEE IT!

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Plaid Avenger said...

yeah, El Laberinto del Fauno es muy excellente!