January 18, 2007

blah blah

Well My High School Class Ring is totally gone forever. It would cost me like $300 bucks to get it replaced. I really loved that ring and, wore it everyday since I got it in 1999...which means I am really bummed that I lost it. Really bummed.

Also, how can I still not own The Little Mermaid collectors edition DVD? it's my favorite Disney movie.

The Wire is coming to BET, so if you don't have HBO or Netflix then you should fucking watch that shit. It one of the greatest shows ever created. It is unfuckingbelievable.

la la la la la

I love me a podcast. Do you guys listen to podcasts? Which ones? I really like 1up Yours which is about video games! Awesome!

ramble ramble.......

This is a great place to hang out

This is not so great

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