January 23, 2007

79th Oscars (with Addendum)

And the Nominees are...

I really hope that Best Animated Feature does NOT go to Cars. Monster House and Happy Feet were far superior in story and completly on the level as far a graphics, style, and voice acting. Cars does not have the compeling story that any other Pixar movie has. There was no surprise or suspense and only the tinniest flutter of joy when everything happened exactly the way I new it would in the first 10 minutes. I really hope Ratatouille is better (BRAD BIRD IS THE MAN!)

I would like to see Mark Wahlberg pick up Best Supporting Actor. He was great and so was The Departed.

Achievment in Art Direction is Pan's Labyrinth. If it doesn't win, I wouldn't be too mad about The Prestige picking it up.

Achievment in Cinematography has to go to Children of Men. That shit blew me away... (see post below)

Music should go to Pan's Labyrinth, too. Great. But I LOVE Thomas Newman. LOVe LOVE LOVE him.

I guess Visual Effects to Pirates? Even though both Superman Returns and Poseidon were shit movies I guess the visual effects were alright.

Everything else... well I am just going to have to think for a while. I have been writing this post whilst reading the list for the first time... so I am trying to process and think as I go, and I am going to need to keep thinking before I say anything else.

p.s. I love picking Oscar awards and if you like it too, then send me an email with your picks:)

If I have to open one more generic webpage (read: MSN, Yahoo) and the first thing to pop up is "Did Dreamgirls get snubbed?" I am going to vomit all over the place and then I am going to pick that shit up and mail it to the aformentioned websites. Fuck Dreamgirls. Whatever. Maybe you liked it... maybe you like musicals... whatever... It wasn't Best Picture. It should NOT have been nominated for that category. Fuck anyone who thinks differently... cause you are wrong on this one. That shit got 8 nominations! Thank GOD it didn't get nominated for Best Picture because if that movie won the year after Crash.. I would have ABSOLUTELY no faith in the Academy.

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tammyparks said...

"fuck dreamgirls"

you crack me up.....