December 27, 2006

Home again Home again, jiggity jig

I am back in Chicago, to my apartment last night at about 1 and finally got to sleep about 2, expecting to sleep late, watch Price is Right, Work -out, Go to store, Unpack bag... that was the day I had planned BUT i got the dreaded Temp Phone call and thus am now a work. I am sooooooo tired.

Good News:
Christmas was fucking stellar, except that I was only home long enough to miss being home. It was fucking awful leaving. I feel like I left for the first time all over again! It is a frustrating way to feel. I only got to spend like one day with everyone (time wise) and that is NOT enough! Now Ian is going to watch the Godfather II without me and I so wanted to see it with him for his first time. I had a very Wii/Guitar Hero II time. I wish I were playing either one of them RIGHT FUCKING NOW! I dreamed some Guitar Hero songs last night... (oh yeah it IS that cool!)

I have to go file some stuff but I wanted to say that I am so happy I got to see David and Rae and Hannah whilst I was home. I am sad I missed Krissy and I really didn't get to talk to Erin. Maybe I will make it there before next Christmas but, I really don't know.