November 17, 2006

Working in an Office, I really want a Wii, and Job Interview

So working in an office is really strange. Everyone is so polite all the time. Everyone says please and thank you. What about when there are like 8 people in the elevator and everyone ignores everyone else? Also, and this is driving me nuts, all the men in the elevator will wait for me to get off. They all stand there until the women leave the elevator. I think this is supposed to be Chivalrous but it is fucking ridiculous to wait there for me to get off, especially when I always ride in the back of the elevator.

I really want a Wii. Really a lot.

I had an interview yesterday that was supposed to take about 1 and 1/2 hours and it took 2 and 1/2 hours. I had asked the place I am temping if I could be about 15-30 mintues late coming back from lunch because of it and, they said yes, of course but, I was gone an hour longer than I thought I would be. Oops. I just felt like shit because I couldn't call and tell them because I was in the interview part of an interview (there were some tests and an application first) and I just felt like a douche walking in to work after, what amounts to, a 2 and a half hour lunch break. Didn't get to eat anything, though....

I am really sleepy today. I think I hopefully (come on Netflix) will have The Machinist to watch when I get home and I may see Let's Go To Prision or Stranger Than Ficition tomorrow....

The PS3, making losing your mind easy!

PlayStation 3 shopper shot outside Wal-Mart

November 16, 2006

Round One.... FIGHT!

Hey everyone should go to google and click on the google image. It will take you to a Google homepage you can customize. Choose to add more in the upper right hand corner (I think) and it will take you to a page where you can click things to add them to the page. FIND GOOGLE FIGHT. You can type in 2 things and then there is a little stick-figure-fighting-animation and then you get to see which of the things you typed in has more hits. Make sure everytime the word FIGHT animates on your screen you say fight like they do in Mortal Combat. This has seriously kept me entertained for about 2 hours.

November 13, 2006

no computer no posting....

well, seems to me that I used to post a lot more often, and I am wondering whether I am going to go the way of so many before me and just give this up. I don't think it is keeping an accurate record for me for sometime later.. it's mostly a place to hold links to all the pages I like to look at on the internet. Maybe if I were saying something of trying to make a difference I would have more success blogging but, I mean I just don't have shit to say right now.

I saw a Fucking awful movie called 9 songs and it was just bullshit and no good. Maybe 1/2* for showing me more porn then I have ever seen... but it wasn't even exciting sex:(

I also saw Borat ****
it was perfect, who could ask for anything more:) I smoked a bowl and then navigated the city via bus and walking routes to end up in the movie extremly pleased with getting myseld around in such a state and the movie was really funny.. there were definetly times that are not for the squemish and there were some jokes I didn't laugh at ( but other people did...) and I really almost fell on the floor with the naked wrestling/balls in face scene.

Squid and the Whale: ***
I liked this movie but is seemed kind like just another intellectual family deals with how fucked up they are. The Tennebaums is in my top 3 movies of all time and so maybe that is why this just didn't seem as fresh and new as I wanted it to. The dialogue is wonderful and Jeff Daniels is MR. AMAZING BEARD... so that is reason enough to see it in my book.

I am also digging Heroes on NBC? I can't get the networks straight.

I don't know about you guys but, I am not loving Studio 60.