November 9, 2006

Haiku2 for lilyiris
wind in the trees and
first few drivers on the street
the smell of fresh bread
Created by Grahame

It's ALL BLUE, Baby!

Source: Allen to concede in Va. Senate race
Webb's victory gives Democrats control of Congress after House win

Jess and HTML

So I spent the better part of the last 2 hours playing with this webpage's preformatted HTML so that I could make it the way I wanted it. I feel good about the page in general, and I really only changed the colors and backgournd image. You would be suprised what a bother it is to scan for coding you mostly don't understand. I do not use HTML very often, if ever really... and it was a little trial and error for me but, I hate that blogspot lets you change somethings but, not everything... I want complete control within a parameter (hahaha, that sounds ridiculous). Fuck, anyway...

Lets hope the Democrats get off their asses and make some fucking plans and get on with them... Cause even though I like blue much better than red, the Blue Team isn't known for being very aggressive lately... or really doing anything. I hope it changes....

November 7, 2006

Man with 10-year erection may not get his cash - Men's Health -

Man with 10-year erection may not get his cash - Men's Health -

Funny stuff to pass the time

well, If you don't know who Sean Baby is, then that is alright.. 'cause I didn't know until I started paying attention to video games (although I am still not playing them?) Anyway, these video game geeks can be pretty F'in hilarious.

Go here and read this, if you don't think it's funny... then you suck and have no sense of humor.