May 26, 2006

sup g's?

Lately I have just been trying to keep things a moving... I have been working A lot and running and trying to eat 3 meals a day.... amazing. BUt I have also been watching some shit:

If you don't know about Deadwood and you know someone with digital cable and HBO then you can watch the some on HBO on demand and you should really get on that shit because cowboys are amazing and this is a completely new world for me.

A quick report:

Da Vinci Code: *
This was one of the most boring and tedius movies I have seen in quite a while. With completely lackluster character portrayl and mind numbing music, I was proud of myself for not falling asleep. this movie was too slow and too long. It also just seemed to suck the life out of a story instead of putting life into it. Someone on NPR said that is was as if everyone in this movie was afraid of taking any risks with their roles ( including Ron Howard) and I couldn't agree more.

X3: The Last Stand: **1/2
So much better than I expected. I had heard such bad bad bad things but I was pleasantly surprised. There was some heart and soul in this movie along with Kelsey Grammar as Beast and he was amazing. Some good fighting at the end and the scenes with Phoenix's Mind control powers taking control were pretty cool looking.

Mission Impossible 3: ***
Fuck yeah J.J. Abrams. The guy who directed this does the shows LOST and until recently ALIAS. He brought some amazing shit to the table and the explosions and deaths in this movie are so well shot that I am surprised I haven't seen it again. So surprised I might go right now.... or in 15 mintues... (HURA!)

Over the Hedge: ***
The best non-Pixar anamation I have seen in some time... It wasn't really extremely laugh out loud funny but I chuckled pretty regularly through out. Bruce Willis and Steve Carrell were great. I like a cookie, indeed!

Art School Confidental: **1/2
I can't possibly spell zweigoff corectly but if Ya liked GHOST WORLD then your sensibilities are right for this movie. Maybe you should see GRANDMA'S BOY right before you see this... lots of the same people and its also really great...I should have more to say about this movie but I am getting tired...

so here are just some stars....

Second Hand Lions: ***1/2
Boiler Room: **
American Haunting: YUCK
Open Range: **** ( SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!)

too sleepy to go on....

saving money for the big move... so if anyone just has some lying around.. I will put it to good use for ya:)