March 20, 2006


My brother took my lap top school so I have no internet and it is going to make things a little difficult. I won't be able to reply to email because I won't be able to check it so No one get mad at me here. I am going to try to get on my Dad's work computer but I can only do that when he isn't working on it, and he usually is.

things are going. I'm getting a little scared about moving to Chicago... that is a big step... big jump... little scary but, I think that means it's a good idea. I have been unbelievably scared before all major events in my life and usually the things I think I want to back out of at the last minute are the ones I enjoy most... such as going to college in the first place and going to Brno... but both of those were amazing for the most part....

I'm pretty lonely down here.... and more than a little bored.