December 19, 2006

I really live here now.

Today I got my Illinois State Driver's License. The picture isn't even bad! Casey got hers also. Good times.... good times... I am currently looking for things to keep me busy on the internet... really busy... like hours worth of busy... let me know if you know anything.


Lilyiris said...

well I guess it is kind of silly to comment on my own page but I just need somewhere taht I could freak out for a second because I am so fucking bored.. so here i go


ok. Better

Plaid Avenger said...

hey, I can sign on with my blogger name now and comment, sos I'm gonna do that. Awesome

Anonymous said...

I told you I would send you Nancy Drew - that may be too geeky for you though, lol.

Trust me, you would be sucked in for hours, but it's not internet, just computer.


Oh and I'll vote for Obama if you can get him to go out with me - he is fine! ;-)