November 13, 2006

no computer no posting....

well, seems to me that I used to post a lot more often, and I am wondering whether I am going to go the way of so many before me and just give this up. I don't think it is keeping an accurate record for me for sometime later.. it's mostly a place to hold links to all the pages I like to look at on the internet. Maybe if I were saying something of trying to make a difference I would have more success blogging but, I mean I just don't have shit to say right now.

I saw a Fucking awful movie called 9 songs and it was just bullshit and no good. Maybe 1/2* for showing me more porn then I have ever seen... but it wasn't even exciting sex:(

I also saw Borat ****
it was perfect, who could ask for anything more:) I smoked a bowl and then navigated the city via bus and walking routes to end up in the movie extremly pleased with getting myseld around in such a state and the movie was really funny.. there were definetly times that are not for the squemish and there were some jokes I didn't laugh at ( but other people did...) and I really almost fell on the floor with the naked wrestling/balls in face scene.

Squid and the Whale: ***
I liked this movie but is seemed kind like just another intellectual family deals with how fucked up they are. The Tennebaums is in my top 3 movies of all time and so maybe that is why this just didn't seem as fresh and new as I wanted it to. The dialogue is wonderful and Jeff Daniels is MR. AMAZING BEARD... so that is reason enough to see it in my book.

I am also digging Heroes on NBC? I can't get the networks straight.

I don't know about you guys but, I am not loving Studio 60.

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Rachel said...

you should see freedom writers