March 2, 2006

just some stars

Pink Panther : 1/2*
Nanny McPhee: ***
Curious George: *
Freedomland: no stars (a first for me)
Firewall: 1/2*
Final Destination 3: **1/2
8 Below: ***
Madea's Family Reunion: *1/2
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow: ****
Ong Bak: ***1/2
Old Boy: ****
Donnie Darko: ***1/2
Aquamarine: *1/2
Ultraviolet: *
When a Stranger Calls: No stars
Big Mama's House 2: *
Doogal: no stars
The Emperor's New Groove: ***
Quick Change: *1/2
Lost Boys: 1/2*
Date Movie: 1/2*
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada: ***1/2
Brokeback Mountain: ***
Brotherhood of the Wolf: ****
Layer Cake: ***
Frailty: **1/2
The Aristocrats: ***
The 5 Obstructions: **
(unknown title: documentary about Metal Music): ***
Crash:** ( this is not everything that you want it to be..... at all)

that is all I can remember right now.....


Anonymous said...

The Five Obstructions is wicked awesome.

- Jesse

P.S. So's Brokeback.

Anonymous said...

Plus, I grew up on the Lost Boys. I know that doesn't make it great, but it's a pretty affectionate movie from what seems to be a more innocent time than now.

- Jesse

Agnes said...

Brokeback was a disappointment in comparison to The Constenant Gardener and so was Munich by the way.
In any case, I'm doing the very best I can to at least come as far as NYC for work. dooubt it whether I'd succeed though, due to the fact that my professors are asses and don't want to write me a letter of recommendation. But yeah. I'll keep you updated. Miss you too woman, especially the talks about boys and what not..Since I've gotten myself into another huge mess

michael persad said...

freedomland was the worst film i think i've ever seen.