March 2, 2006

Full is not as heavy as empty.......not nearly my love... not nearly my love.. .not nearly

You see, my problem is, my favorite time of day is between midnight and about 7am.
You get to see the whole world asleep and then suddenly awake again.
It is as if everything is happening at the same time.

it is as if I am, again, walking down masarykova with a lying black man who would later impregnate my friend.
It is as if it were all happening now.

or maybe it is riding in the car with the windows rolled down, watching the first bit of sunlight touch the
is every song on the radio being the right one for the time

it is all nostalgia.

it is the wind in the trees and first few drivers on the road, the first few pedestrians on the street.

the smell of fresh bread.

it is eveyday new and different and reborn.

and if I believed in God, now would be the time he would tell us, "it is good", even if it is not.


Anonymous said...

when did you become an atheist? huh, never realized that happened... ah well...
anyway, i agree with you about the whole nostalgic thing, the weather for the past couple of days has had a quality suggesting that it should be a couple of years ago.i can't place it exactly, but damn does it make me not want to go to work,and to be around friends.


santoritimes said...

if there's an up side to global warming, this is it.