January 3, 2006


I am moving to Chicago.. hopefully September 1st. I don't have to go to grad school. I don't have to be a librarian. I am moving to chicago with no plans except to do a little theatre if I can.

it was a bad day.

Pedro the Lion broke up.

can i get a hug, please? a little snuggling?


Agnes said...

sorry to hear, my dear

Chicago, huh, is there where ou get free pizza if the theater doesn't finish its plays within the limited time?

go out there and kick some ass, girl!

miss you

Josh said...

Hey kiddo, here's a digital hug from me to you. I hope you make it Chi-town, and its good to know if I ever get a chance to visit there'll be a friendly face.

Anonymous said...

Have you moved to Chicago? Oh my, so back to home?

I really truly miss you!