September 16, 2005

quick reviews

Stars out of 4

Broken Flowers: *
Nothing happens, which can be fine; but not in this case. There was only one segment worth seeing and it happens about 40 minutes in. Bill Murry has no drive, learns nothing, discovers nothing, and ends up more lost than he started out. This seems like it could be a good thing, thinking purely on premise, but it isn't worth it. It just doesn't work.

Lord of War: ****
Wonderful. Well shot, interesting and biting. They just stick it to you at the end. I found it hard to care about Nick Cages Characters Wife and kid but, he is really very compelling. Jared Leto as well....jeez how long has it been since I saw him...well it was Requiem for a Dream, acctually. He does well. You should see this.

Just Like Heaven:**1/2
Yes, it is the Cure song. Yes I am sure that already pisses some of you (Jef) off but, it is a really nice girly movie. It is full of hope and love and Reese Whiterspoon is hilarious. She is Fiesty, kids, let me tell you. Mark Ruffalo, yeah he can be cute but Reese really makes this movie what it is. Ya love her, and girls love the idea of love, right? Anyway, I do. Good Date Movie, Good Period movie, and good I hope someone loves me someday movie. (the 1/2 point is for Napolean Dynomite(awesome!). One thing: they got some bitch singing "Just Like Heaven" in the opening credits and that pissed my shit off, however; they play the Cure in the closing credits. Sadly this is going to be many a 13-year-olds first intro to the Cure and they are probably going to think that it is that Chick's song. Fuckers. Anyway.. I will be cleaning that theatre just so I can scream the cure whilst sweeping up popcorn.

other than that.... well there is not other than that. I go to work, I come home, I watch a late night movie, I go to bed, I get up, I go to work....repeat ad infinitum.

September 14, 2005


I am going to be in Chatt on Oct 20-22 for Rhys' Wedding.

but get the pistols ready will be a showdown.

I am going to see Broken Flowers and 2046 tomorrow....I will post about them.

September 12, 2005

it is true

I need more hugs. Like big freakin' bear hugs. The kind where I can just feel comfortable enough with the person that I can hug them for more than 5 seconds.