September 9, 2005


I have a friend in Hendersonville.

How cool is that shit.

also check this out!

September 7, 2005


house making strange noises. Kitchen making lots of saran wrap noises.....I come to my bedroom and now the roof above my head is creaking. There is attic up there but we don't really have access to it. I have never seen it, nor do I think anyone who lives here has. Little Creeped out. OKay... lots creepped out. Tomorrow I am going to watch This, so I am just asking for it....but if anyone plans on being awake at about 4am my time...let me know.

September 4, 2005

I talked to a very old friend tonight for about 2 hours, which was stellar. It is so great to be able to not talk to someone for about 4 years and just be able to be cool and talk about stuff...

this picture has nothing to do with that....I just had never seen this particular Bruegel and I thought maybe you guys hadn't either.