August 16, 2005

night ghast

most horrible dream ever.. just woke up.... 3:26am. in this lost ther... flap jacks...old lady... keys to house... durnk..somthing wrong with faces.. no moving... must hide keys in underwearhave 2 sets of keys... lighting my leg on fire.. must leave it toburn... sit with another girl and then another....guy taking theletter 'h' upstairs with him.. they need money.. want 10 dollars...iMUSt go to atm.. old lady goes with me... get her money... gas stationguy has seen thing happen before... tries to tell me...... can't...on the oad back home to her house... i try to steer car and can't..try to just drop her off but car drives me into lake before I can doanything.... tree breaks off.... suddenyl from boat perspective...realize all there people were trapped... don't know whyh and now i amtoo...fuck that

August 14, 2005

Manager Jess

Which is pretty much the only thing anyone can say to me latelty.

I cannot do any managerial things right now, so I feel pretty fuckin' useless at work. I don't really like that feeling. I am used to knowing what is going on and although I like learning, I feel bad that all the other managers have to pick up my slack since I am so freakin' new at this.

Mike Hanrarrhahanananaha (sp?) is coming to visit me tomorrow! HURRA!

Right now my life consits of : going to work, sleeping, reading, and doing the crossword.

Here it is: The Golden Compass - Phillip Pulman
Tunes : Abbey Road - The Beatles
Watch'n' : Man on Fire