August 6, 2005


So.... I am graduating on Sunday. I came home from Chattanooga today only to get called into work tonight...only to find I have been promoted. You are now reading about a Regal Cinema Assitant Manager. I couldn't be prouder.

Will be degreed in 36ish hours and counting.

August 4, 2005


not feeling good. have to go to chatt tomorrow. think i will go home same day and return to chatt sun for graduation.

sorry if not coherent

August 1, 2005

Moving, The Lady Doctor, and Sky High

So I moved into my brother Jason's old room today... well mostly moved anyway. I scavanged a bookshelf from another part of the house, only to find that I still have 7 liquor boxes of books to put up, and no more shelf. I guess that is the first thing I have to buy.

After seeing the lady doctor I needed a bit of a pick me up and so I went to see Sky High. Yes, I know... but it did have the Narnia and Harry Potter 4 trailors in front of it. It wasn't that bad really... acctually really punny. I was the only one laughing half the time but, that doesn't seem to really matter... we have been selling it out since the release on Friday.

BY the way... I am coming to Chattanooga on Friday and I need a place to stay Friday and Saturday nights... so anyone who wants to put me up is more than welcome. I will get done with my shit around 2 and then probably head to the theatre. Anyone interested in letting me sleep at there place should totally send me an email!
l i l y i r i s @ g m a i l . c o m (the spaces are for posting safety only;)

all in all... not a bad day.