July 30, 2005

Name that film!


I did things in HTML! I added underlines on my sidebar and I changed words and I don't care how silly that is, I think It is fucking amazing.

Can't Sleep.....I can't stop my brain. You know it's three weeks; I'm going insane.

I have dedcided I am going to walk for graduation.
I hate that Andrew still pisses me off, because I am sure he doesn't mean to.
I don't know about this steve thing.
Working at the movie theatre makes me feel really stupid; I feel the constent need to defend my job, even though no one is asking me to.
All the people that I know here are under 20.
There is no tea in the house.
I could use more hugs.
I feel pretty bad about the Rhys thing. (and the james thing).

That may sound like bitching, and maybe some of it is, but mostly I just needed to say it.


Universe Today - No, Mars Won't Look as Big as the Moon

Universe Today - No, Mars Won't Look as Big as the Moon

So my dad told me that Mars was going to be as big as the moon... although that isn't true.. it is still going to be fucking cool.

Look I can post a picture!

July 28, 2005

Home sweet home.. at least for now.

So here I am in a brand new place. It feels kinda of weird to have so few posts! I feel like I have some catching up to do. I must also seem rather hard to please as this is my third domain since I started blogging when I was about 14. Sadly that first webpage was lost, or changed rather and I didn't save the first draft. Anyway....

I watched This today. I thought it was alright considering that I have recently been subjected to This and This.

July 27, 2005