November 4, 2005


Chicken Little:1/2*
this got a half a star because there is a fish with a glow stick. Other than that this was the worst animated movie I have ever seen and it is definetly in the 10 worst movies I have EVER seen. It was nothing but trite movie bullshit. Think of it as the Scarey Movie of Animation, except without all the funny. THis movis had NO original ideas. It was every movie that had come out and been popular in the last 2 years...the problem with that is, those movies already existed and there was no need to make this movie. Shrek 2, War of the Worlds, StrongBad....and many others. The story was a mess and thrown together like it didn't matter...oh wait, it didn't.

Jarhead: ****
I can't think of anything to dock this movie for. Peter Saarsgard is a genius. It was wonderful. I don't want to ruin it but, if nothing else, you will get some cool new curses. Beautifully shot, excellent story telling. It was the mess of war and life and the joy of being bonded to something. The joy of being needed and the loss that comes with not being needed any longer. This is a good one.

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