October 5, 2005

what Jesse Said

This is just a copy and paste job from a comment I left on Jesse's Page but, I wanted to be able to find it for myself... so here it is again

Jesse writes:

"I'm not used to it. Life keeps pushing you into different stages of loneliness. No matter where you turn, or who you're with, part of you is lonely. I'm in the relative stages of lonely that exist out of absent friends. I'm not the only one feelin' that. I'm not unhappy, by any means."

I reply:

yes, this is it exaclty. See... you say things that I mean when all can do is cry every week for about 3 minutes. That is just long enough for me to realize that I am not acctually sure what it is that I am upset about...just the fact that my world has been upset and everything is different. It is a good time to be lonely, though. I feel it is good for me. And, oddly enough, I think Brno prepared me for this. I never would have been able to deal with this loneliness if it hadn't been for that loneliness.
does that make sense?


Agnes said...

And to you too, my lady

I understand

santoritimes said...

I don't mean to ruin the whole broody, down-ish vibe going on here, but LOOK AT ALL THE AWESOME PICTURES!

And beware of vanilla ice.

Agnes said...

Jef, THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY FUCKING GORGEOUS, but it makes you wonder stuff _ stuff you seem to ignore_ like why and especially... why didn't?