October 27, 2005

movies (finally)

Stay: ***
Although I am still unsure as to what happened in this movie, or what it was all supposed to mean (blah, blah, blah) It was gorgeous. I haven't seen anything else quite like it. The color and contrast of the movie was astounding. The way that sometimes the camera was as we expect it to be and sometimes it was just a view from Ewan McGreggor's face. There was so much silver and chrome. I don't want to ruin this movie so don't read beyond if you don't want to but, I took this to be what happened in the last 20 seconds or so of Ryan Goslings life. The people who are trying to save him became intertwined in a fairytale his brain created for him just before he died. One last story to tell-so to speak.

Domino: **
The movie was visually stimulating in that kind of Fear and Loathing sort of way. Everything is a little fuzzy, a little blurred. To be honest I find Kiera Knightley's voice-overs to be a little grating. The story is interestingly told, and it does leave you wondering what of it was true. The movie is, at best, slow in the beginning, however, it is worth it for the last 45 mintues. There is a scene in the desert with a "street preacher" character that is mind blowing, if only in a dialogical (yeah, I made that word up) way. Go see it, Don't.... I don't think it really matters either way with this one.

This movie was unfuckingbelivable. I loved it. Keanu Reeves was good! I don't mean he was just passable, or that you could stand to watch him...he did a great job. It is, of course, a coming of age story but, told about someone rather unusual. A kid who learns to grow up by being on the debate team. A kid who realizes he doesn't need to win everything to make his father proud. A kid who realizes he is just as lost as his father where it concerns his mother. Yeah...this is the movie to see. Of course, he must also come of age sexually and it isn't good. It isn't the nice sexiness that ends up with everyone being friends and still harboring that tiny bit of a crush for the rest of their lives. It is fucked the fucked up. Thank God. Thank god we realize that sex can be a messy and fucked up thing...and of course the girl (or boy) you always wanted isn't anything like you make-believe them to be.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (again) (Rowling)
Confession of an Ugly Step-sisiter (Gregory Maguire)
Wicked (Gregory Maguire)
The Sally Lockheart Books (Pullman)

In the Middle of:
Until I Find You (Irving)

Will be reading:
Eldest (Paolini)
Shalimar the Clown (Rushdie)

Movies to be seen:
Zorro, Saw 2, Dreamer, Prime

Movies I WANT to see:
Goodnight and Good luck
Everything is Illuminated
The Weatherman


Anonymous said...

Broken Flowers rocked until the breakadawn. I disagree with you strenuously and urge you to watch it with me and Cofer sometime.
Jarmusch works best with the right audience.

- Jesse

suit case said...

I love you Too.