September 1, 2005

Transporter 2

Rating: PG13 (for partial nudity, tense situations, violence, and mild language)

Summation (Stars given out of 4)

Violence: **
Language: *
Rewatchability: **

Overall: **1/2

Let us take into account that this is an action movie. There are, of course, the required amount of cops cars running into each other: on bridges, in parking garages, on the streets of an infamous drug trafficking city (Miami). There is the naked-as-allowable-for-PG13-movies girl with several large guns. The virus that will destroy the politicians but, there are also many fun surprises. Mixed in with all the To-Be-expected are some surprisingly interesting and expertly choreographed fight scenes (my favorite involving a fire hose {almost reminiscent of Home Alone[minus the annoying kid]}).
Jason Statham gives believability to his character, if not to some of the stunts performed in the film; the acceptability of the action aside, seeing a car fly from one parking garage to another is still a pretty cool trick. My only three problems with the film are these: abrupt and lame ending. Everything just sort of rights itself with no information as to how or as to what happens to the bad guy, a few cheesy bad guy scenes, and some awful plane animation. But it's just an action movie, right? You won't hate yourself for paying for it if action is what you are looking for.

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