August 14, 2005

Manager Jess

Which is pretty much the only thing anyone can say to me latelty.

I cannot do any managerial things right now, so I feel pretty fuckin' useless at work. I don't really like that feeling. I am used to knowing what is going on and although I like learning, I feel bad that all the other managers have to pick up my slack since I am so freakin' new at this.

Mike Hanrarrhahanananaha (sp?) is coming to visit me tomorrow! HURRA!

Right now my life consits of : going to work, sleeping, reading, and doing the crossword.

Here it is: The Golden Compass - Phillip Pulman
Tunes : Abbey Road - The Beatles
Watch'n' : Man on Fire


Agnes said...

knowing you babe, I am pretty confident that you'll get the gist of it pretty soon. Don't dispair, my love, enlightenment is on its way.

Do I make sense? In short: I miss you!

orion said...

when are you coming to Knoxville. soon right?

suit case said...

yeah yeah she's coming on the 20th rightttttttt?

suit case said...

Ok, the picture of the guy entitled, "This is Paul", he looks just like the ghost from von trier's The Kingdom. The scary guy, all though I am sure this gentleman is not scary. I'm just saying it freaked me out when I saw his picture