August 30, 2005

Making New Friends (Do I dare to eat a peach?)

Some days things go really well.

I threaded all of the projectors (excpet one) for the 7's last night. Learning something in a day feels pretty good. And I only fucked up once, and it wasn't that bad.

I saw The Greatest Game Ever Played secretly last night. I know that it looks like a golf movie and it is disney and all that but, jeez it was unbelievably wonderful. It is really the best thing that I have seen since I got back here (not that the movie selection has been outstanding or anything).

I have been wondering lately......

How much are we required to live in reality? I mean what does that even mean, right? Is it silly to have dreams? I mean any kind of dream.

I want to be cinderella. I do. There is no denying it. Is that any siller than someone wanting to be a stock broker or someone wanting to be house painter?

Even if it is.... does that really matter?

Jeez I feel just as circular as fucking T.S. Elliot right now.

(see post title for continued cirular movement)


santoritimes said...

Check this out... I updated my links today, and now I can get here directly.

Celebrations are in order. unfortunately all I have to celebrate with is coffee.

And there should be Brno photography afoot in the next week or so.

suit case said...

Do you realize you have the most beautiful face

Agnes said...

goody pictures!

Also, concerning reality..

Would SOMEONE PLEASE finally start reading 'Sophie's World' by Jostein Gaarder... or however Sophie is spelled in American...


Lilyiris said...

Thank you Casey. And as soon as I get paid again I will seek out Sophie's World.